Project C02


Prof. Dr. Nicolaus von Wirén

Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK)
Physiology & Cell Biology


Prof. Dr. Milton T. Stubbs

MLU Halle-Wittenberg
Inst. of Biochemistry & Biotechnology


Relevance of natural allelic variation in YUCCA genes for proteoform modulation, local auxin biosynthesis and phenotypic variation in natural Arabidopsis accessions

Auxin is a central plant growth regulator, playing an essential role in root architectural changes. Auxin is synthesized mainly via the TAA/YUC route, in which tryptophan is converted by TAA-type tryptophan aminotransferases to indole-3-pyruvic acid (IPyA), and IPyA is oxidatively decarboxylated to form indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) by flavin-containing monooxygenases (FMOs) of the YUCCA (YUC) protein family. Based on GWAS of root foraging traits in natural Arabidopsis accessions, we identified previously two SNPs that together result in a non-synonymous substitution from to serine to leucine, which confers stronger root elongation under nitrogen deficiency. To uncover how this ecophysiologically relevant phenotype relates to proteoform changes, this proposal aims: i) to characterize in vitro the structural and biochemical properties of two selected YUC8 proteoforms present in the Arabidopsis accessions by crystallization and structure determination of the YUC8 proteoforms; ii) to determine the catalytic properties of YUC8 in planta from protein and metabolite extracts of mutant plants expressing different YUC8 proteoforms; iii) to explore the impact of allelic and proteoform variation of YUCs on eco-physiological performance; iv) to explore the potential of combining proteoforms of YUCs with those of other auxin-related proteins (‘allele stacking’).

Free position in C02

PhD position, TV-L E13, 65% – Plant Expertise
TASKS // Gene cloning, Generation and assessment of transgenic Arabidopsis plants, Crossing, Cultivation and phenotyping of Arabidopsis on artificial media, Recombinant expression of proteins, Protein gel blot analysis, Confocal microscopy
WORK PLACE // Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) Gatersleben, Physiology and Cell Biology
PI // Nicolas von Wirén
Job advertisement // RefNr. 32/05/24

PhD position, TV-L E13, 65% – Protein Expertise
TASKS // ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
WORK PLACE // Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
PI // Milton T. Stubbs
Job advertisement // Reg.-Nr. 5-5522/24-D

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